Shipping & Delivery Policy
For International customers, shipments are shipped and delivered through courier companies and/or International speed post only. For domestic shipments are shipped through registered domestic courier companies and /or speed post only. shipments are shipped as per the delivery date agreed at the time of shipment confirmation and delivering of the shipment subject to Courier Company / post office norms. Your Company Name is not liable for any delay in delivery due to conditions beyond it control,like flight delays,offload etc.Delivery of all shipments will be to registered address of the customer as per the credit/debit card only at all times(Unless specified at the time of shipment). Your Company Name is in no way responsible for any damage to the shipment while in transit to the customer. Payments Your Company Name is proud to use Payment Gateway Name for fast, easy and efficient secure payments. All major credit cards are accepted.
Delivery of our services will be confirmed on your email ID as specified during registration.For any issues in utilizing our services you may contact our helpdesk on (033) 2454-0482
How the delivery charge is calculated for multiple units and some products
The shipping charge is based on the weight of the product. For multiple products shipmented from the same category the programme adds up the weight of all the units shipmented and charges a single delivery fee.
Thus, a customer who shipments three books weighing 200gms, 250gms and 400gms is charged a single delivery fee of a consignment weighing more than 500gms but less than one kg. The customer is not charged for three different consignments weighing less than 500gms each. Thus the customer will pay a delivery fee of Rs 85 for shipmenting the three books as a single shipment instead of Rs 142 if he shipments them separately.
However, the delivery fee is calculated separately when a customer shipments different products. Thus, if a customer shipments a Pearl Set and Shirts he will pay separate delivery charges for each product. This is because the products are being sourced and shipped from different cities.
The minimum weight taken into account is 250gms (only for documents) for domestic shipments and 500gms for international shipments. There is a parcel surcharge applicable for the consignments other than documents irrespective of weight of the shipments in case of international deliveries.
The weight of the product has been built in into the delivery charge of each product. This will automatically be added to the product cost at the payment stage. The delivery cost of a consignment weighing 3 Kg to be shipped within India will be = INR 165.
The delivery charge is arrived at by multiplying the weight of the product with the slab rate. Thus, the delivery cost of a consignment weighing 3 Kg to USA will be (789+(5*213)) = INR 1854.
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